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Giving to Others


St John’s church believes in sharing our good fortune with others. We raise funds for good causes each year: for example, in Lent we choose a charity to support with a Lent Appeal, each May, we hold activities to raise money for Christian Aid, and at Christingle we ask for donations to the Children’s Society. In addition to this, the church council set aside a proportion of income for charitable giving each month. In 2023/24, this will go to the following charities:


  • The Student Christian Movement - A community of students past and present deeply committed to putting faith into action, seeking justice and celebrating diversity.

  • Hearing Dogs for Deaf People - Hearing dogs change deaf people’s lives by helping them to leave loneliness behind and to reconnect with life.

  • The Bible Society - The Bible Society translates the Bible and makes it accessible in people’s heart language around the world.

  • The Winsford Refuge (WHAG) - WHAG offers support for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and men, women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.

  • A Rocha - A global family of conservation and environmental organisations working together to live out God’s calling to care for Creation and equip others to do likewise.

  • Just Drop In - A charity offering free and friendly early help services to offer support to children and young people who may be struggling with their emotional health and well-being.

  • St Luke’s Hospice - St Luke’s is where people from all over Mid and South Cheshire can find a safe refuge during a difficult journey.

  • Embrace - Embrace is an ecumenical Christian charity working to help marginalised and vulnerable communities in the Middle East.

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